May 11, 2018

Quality & Detect

1. Image measurement instrument
CCD color camera with high resolution, which focus on constant high power objective and two dimentional measurement, will precisely measure all kind of size of products by way of projection that can not or difficultly be measured with callipers. It can be used to efficiently test overall dimentions and surface situation of complicated conponents in different shapes.


2. Programmable constant temperature and humidity box
Programmable constant temperature and humidity testing machine has the function of simulated high temperature, low temperature, high and low temperature alternating, muggy, etc. To do the constant temperature and humidity test for products is an important method for many production and research and development enterprises. It is mainly to test products’ use and storage performance in different temperature and humidity environment, test the quality of the products and improve product quality.


3. Vacuum drying oven
Vacuum chamber which pumps vacuum out of chamber to make it nagative pressure, is used to check whether products will leak or not under negative pressure. Vacuum drying which dewaters with vacuum and make it dry, is used to test presure bearing of products in dry circumstance.



4. Color Assessment Cabinet
The equipment is set with standard color-matching environment, to ensure color control during sampling and production and color quality when goods inspection.




5. Digital display type push, pull instrument

Pulling force test product portfolio , all the products of two components assembled are related to the pulling force test, test the pulling force data.
Thrust test, according to the needs of the products when the two assembled is requiring thrust test. Test push force data.



6. Electronic scales

It is used to precisely measure weight and volume of products, as well as other relative weight of each goods.





7. Salt spray test machine

Test for various metal products and metal substrate after electroplating, organic or inorganic coating and other surface treatment with salt spray resistance contact . To test whether the rust and surface electroplating, painting will fall off.



8. Simulating transportation vibration testing machine

After packaging, it will be used to make simulation test to check if goods will be scratched or damaged by jolt transportation. Test will help find problems early so that further improvement will be made to avoid poor packaging.




9. Digimatic height gages

It is used to measure height and thickness of products, as well as special-shaped products.





10. Digital caliper

It is used to measure dimentions of all conponents of products. It will help efficiently control goods quality and further control and improve quality steadiness.