May 9, 2018


Products are strictly developed in compliance with the market requirements through multiple designing processes in order to provide customers with diverse, stylish, practical and exquisite mods.


■ We are well aware of the importance of cosmetic containers in customer’s product brand and image. That’s why we always keep pace with our customers. 
We attach great importance to product quality. Products are designed, produced, inspected and innovated according to the market and customers’ requirements. NICE always can provide products with superior quality to customers as required.

■ Our products focus on the overall fashion. From the appearance of the containers to  the usage and function, we strictly control every detail. Every angle is elaborately designed, which embodies the extraordinary quality.

■ NICE PACKAGING LIMITED,Headquartered in Hong Kong and with manufacturing operations in Guangzhou, NICE serves its customers throughout the region and beyond. NICE is growing up in the influence of the international community, serving the global customers modestly and diligently.

■ As a global citizen, NICE respects human rights, holds high sense of responsibility in protecting customers’ intellectual property rights, Responsible for product safety and brand protection. NICE is awarded ISO 9001:2008 accreditations and have dust-free production workshop to ensure we can provide the safe and complete products to our customers.

■ We have a production team with a wealth of experience. Our sales team who are capable of speaking several languages help to provide one-on-one customer services, following up customers’ cases, keeping in contact with them and answering their questions. In this way, we can meet the requirements of customers of different culture timely.