May 9, 2018


★ Advancing forming and processing technology. 
★ help to create more luxuriant and delicate product. 
★ Plus overall design and series. 
★ our product  appearance and quality reach a higher level.


■ Product design and drawing
Product design: design product with structure and function with reference to the appearance, size and function of sample provided by the customer
Drawing process: 3D drawing for quotation→ drawing with details of structure& function→ engineering drawing→mold drawing

■ Mold making
Mold made by our senior mold engineer, ensuring quality and delivery

■ Plastic injection
We own international advanced fully automatic injection machines


■ Hot stamping and printing
We own fully automatic hot stamping and silk screen machines

■ Assembly
Well trained packing team to ensure each piece of product is well and delicately packed.

■ Warehousing& Shipping
Warehousing and transportation process is strictly monitored to ensure products arrive at the customers safely, intactly and quickly.