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Full Package Solar Power System for Industrial and Residential


12V Solar Power System Packages for as low as ₱24,499.00

  • Economical and Affordable
  • Entry Level Solar Power System
  • 250W Solar Panel matched with 100Ah Deep Cycle Battery
  • 20A MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • Easy to Install no need for Power Inverter


Off-Grid Solar Power System Packages for as low as ₱95,000.00

  • Easy Install 3KVA – 30KVA (2.4KW-24KW) Inverter Capacity
  • LCD Menu that offers comprehensive system information
  • Dual Source Charging Capability up to 120A
  • Upgradable System up to 30KVA (24KW Output)


Grid Tied Solar Power System Packages for as low as ₱123,000.00

  • 1.5Kw – 5Kw Grid Tied Inverter
  • No Battery needed
  • Ideal for Offices and Industrial


Hybrid Solar Power System for as low as 235,000.00

  • Combine operation on Both Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Applications
  • 3KW(single phase) or 10KW (3-phase) Inverter Capacity Output with extended support to PV input up to 4.5Kw allows maximum grid feedback while powering load and charging batteries.



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